Photography is for me what Italian sports cars are for others: a great passion. My photographs tell mainly about the unique moment during the shooting.

I was born in 1966 and grew up in Wetterau (Hessen). My love for photography was awakened by Instagram. I used the camera function of the iPhone rather casually and started to use it regularly for social media at that time when the hype of Instagram started. Frankfurt am Main is very famous for its skyline. Therefore, I conceptually decided to focus on architecture. From that point on, I posted photos of skyscrapers, taken only with my iPhone for the time being. This was the beginning of my interest in photography in general and architectural photography in particular, and it became a permanent part of my life.

I learned my visual skills in the beautiful world of advertising. For more than 20 years I staged various products and services for well-known agencies and their prestigious clients. Therefore, I also have many years of continuous practical experience in image design and professional post-processing.